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Modified SUCCESSORS() function to report more than just direct successors


This updated function would allow us to filter the spreadsheet for only the driving path to a particular row#. This would be similar to a filter for critical path, but enable much more flexibility.

Current status: I've successfully generated a "Successors" column, listing direct successors of each row, using the following formula:

=JOIN(SUCCESSORS([Task Name]@row), ",")

However, my "successors" column only shows direct successors. It would be very useful to be able to identify ALL successors, all the way down the dependency tree (e.g. successors of successors, successors of successors of successors).

Suggestion: =SUCCESSORS(value, N)
where 'N' is an integer representing the number of levels down the dependency tree to report. N=1 would generate direct successors, operating the same as the current function. N='all' would be equivalent to 'all' successors, all the way down the dependency tree.


If I'm interested in only showing all tasks contributing to the driving path to a particular task row#, all I need to do is create a "Successors" column using the new function: =SUCCESSORS(column@row, 'all'). Then I can filter my "Successors" column for anything that contains my row# of interest. This would

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