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New Window pop-up option


A recommendation I would like to make is adding a feature under widget behavior. When connecting a Smartsheet under widget behavior, it would be nice to have a check box or a toggle switch that asks if you would like a new window to pop-up whenever the widget is clicked.

A new window pop-up is allowed if you copy and paste the URL and add it as a website link, but it doesn't work if connecting another Smartsheet. It would be nice to have this toggle feature so the title of the smartsheet can still be easily read which is attached to the widget and workflow is smooth with the unnecessary step of opening up another window to keep your other window open at the same time.

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  • meagans
    meagans ✭✭✭✭

    I'd also like to throw my vote in to allow widgets to open items in a new window or tab. Our team regularly performs audits to see if dashboard links are working as intended, and it'd make life much easier if new tabs could be utilized!

    Meagan Struman ⚡️