Multi-Tier Control Center

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I have been using the Legacy Smartsheet Control Center(SCC) for a few years. I now have a use-case where a Multi-Tiered Blueprint would be beneficial.

Can anyone point me to some 'more than a general overview' training links to where I can get up to speed on the setup of a multi-tiered program/blueprint solution?

Thank you!


  • Sing C
    Sing C ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @earl_bennett,

    Have you taken a look at the Control Center courses in Smartsheet University?

    The Building a Control Center Blueprint course may be what you're looking for.



    Sing Chen

    Process Architect, Ceridian


  • Gina Smith
    Gina Smith ✭✭✭✭

    @earl_bennett - did you ever find the resources to learn how to set-up multi tier? I am currently enrolled in the instructor led Blueprint Builder course and the instructor stated today that multi-tier is not part of this course. I, too, am having trouble finding resources that help guide us on how to build for multi-tier. Seems a little odd that Smartsheet rolled out functionlity that has no related training or help articles.

  • earl_bennett
    earl_bennett ✭✭✭✭✭

    I had to create a program that was multi-tiered enabled. I then simply created a prototype solution where the provisioned projects were grouped by functional area. I was hoping I could have all projects provisioned in a single workspace where the projects belonging to the different functional areas landed in one of the functional area folders in that workspace, but that isn't how it works. A new workspace is created for each functional area. I already manage over 400 workspaces, and the last thing I need is more workspaces. Also, I didn't care for the additional WorkApps that were automatically created.

    Question to anyone: What I created was a two-tier blueprint. What is the outcome when/if you create a triple-tiered blueprint? Does this scenario create a hierarchy in a single workspace?