Can I change the size of the Details Panel in Dynamic View?


We have a large amount of content within cells that we are displaying in a Dynamic View. The current sizing of the Details Pane leads to a lot of scrolling and impacts readability.

Is it possible to widen the Details Pane to allow for better viewability?



  • Scott Orsey
    Scott Orsey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @KC Marren , I believe the Details Panel can be widened by grabbing the left side of it and stretching it to the left. Actually, all of the column widths can also be adjusted by grabbing the column edge in the header row. The caveat is that the width of the details panel (and columns) appear to be user specific... so each user would need to widen their own. The good thing is that SS remembers your settings for Dynamic View for the next time.

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