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Hi everyone,

I'm trying RM and I have this situation:

Task1 has been programmed for User.

While executing task 1, an urgent task (2) has been assigned to User.

So, User needs to stop Task 1 and suspend it for a period. Must give priority to urgent task (2)

How can I handle this in RM? Is it possible to cut the activity?

It may also happen that task 1 is started by User1 and then completed by User2.

How can I handle these cases?

Thank you all


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 04/09/24

    Hi @malanto

    Yes, you can cut the activity by using split! 🙂

    Here's more information: Split assignments

    For your two resources, this is what I would personally do:

    • Split Task 1 so that it ends on the start date of Task 2
    • If User 1 will be completing Task 1, move the start/end dates of task 1a (the newly-created task from the split) to after task 2's end date
    • If User 2 will be assuming responsibility of Task 1 but the dates will remain, keep the dates for Task 1 the same and reassign to User 2