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Hey guys!

I've long been searching for a way to make one specific sheet auto-sort, without having to create individual reports. I know this has been a requested feature for ages and that it's in the works. I was curious if anyone has come up with any clever workarounds that can be used while we're all anxiously waiting?

I have one specific sheet that I use as a main "pipeline" to track individual loans my team is working on. We need the sheet to sort by Priority, and then by closing date. We get new loans throughout the day, so we're constantly having to re-sort it. The pipeline itself can get very lengthy and cluttered, and we found it easiest for each user to have their own filter showing only the loans in their name.

To have the same kind of functionality, I'd have to create an individual report for each user in order to get it to auto-sort for everyone correctly, and it just seems like such a waste of time.

Thanks in advance.


  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @TinkoLP Have you tried to create the report to filter by Current User in the Assigned to field? This should make it to where you only have to create one report.

  • TinkoLP
    TinkoLP ✭✭✭

    I have - the problem is we have a "team" account, so the users don't necessarily all have their own accounts.

  • Scott Orsey
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    Hi @TinkoLP , If you have a "team" account, I'm curious how you plan to sort by an individual. Also, why not get everyone their own account? I don't think they would need a license.

    Do you have access to creating a dynamic view? If so, you could set up filters for each user. The way I have done this is to create a "template" filter with all of the relevant fields. Then the individual user can copy that template and modify it according to their needs. SS will remember the filters that individuals set up.

    Good luck and be well!

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