Salesforce Connectgor import Names

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Hi! I am using the Connector to import Actions from Saleforce. When I import the fields Action Owner and the Customer Contact, the data is showing like this: <a href="/0053g000001Ter3" target="_blank">John Smith</a>. I just want it to say John Smith.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


  • Danielle Wilson

    @ninni It looks like it's pulling the Customer Contact with some link details instead of just the name. You could create another column with a formula to parse out the name piece of the field - e.g. if you have it currently coming in to a column called "Customer Contact", you would make a new column with something like: =MID([Customer Contact]@row, FIND(">", [Customer Contact]@row) + 1, LEN([Customer Contact]@row) - LEN(LEFT([Customer Contact]@row, FIND(">", [Customer Contact]@row))) - 4)

    There's probably a cleaner way to do that but that's what I came up with as a first go!

    Danielle W.

    Product Marketing