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Very novice user here.

I am using Dependencies and am trying to find a way to make the Duration and Start/Complete Dates reference another cell within the same sheet. Screenshot attached.

I'm trying to have the information in the Project Summary cells pulled into highlighted durations/dates so that it doesn't have to be remembered and input a ton of times.

It seems that I can't use a formula in the Start Date, Complete Date, Predecessor or Duration columns since Dependencies are enabled, but I'm hoping there's a workaround since all I'm looking to do is pull the durations/dates from a cell within the same sheet rather than it being an actual formula.

Thanks for the help!


  • che.rabajante
    che.rabajante ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @mmathis

    You need to create a separate sheet for inputting the Project Summary information.

    In your current project sheet, you can then link this information from the Project Summary (another sheet) to Duration or Dates columns. When dependencies are enabled, formulas doesn't work with duration and dates, they work when directly linked from another sheet.

    Hoe this helps!


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