Smartsheet Integration with Microsoft Loop/Planner/To Do


My company recently started using Smartsheet. Honestly, I'm not impressed. I've noticed several basic features missing that have always been present in Excel, Planner, etc. For example, in Card View, I've found no way of renaming columns, as they're all titled after whatever icon set has been chosen.

So, I'd prefer to stick with my ADHD-friendly Loop/Planner/To Do. It permits me to easily lay out project plans, share them in Teams meetings without having others actually use Loop, and add tasks that appear automatically in my Planner and To Do lists. I need to be able to see a list of my tasks without digging through a spreadsheet, and they need to be able to sort by date and importance.

What I would like to do is manage my Smartsheet tasks from Planner. Creating a task in Planner would create an identical task in Smartsheet. Adjusting something in Smartsheet would adjust it in Planner.

Does Smartsheet have an API or connector that can accomplish this? I've seen so many sing this service's praises, and I'm just not seeing it.