Workflows getting disabled automatically


Hi Smartsheet and @Genevieve P. ,

We have been using cell change automation flow in our sheet, there are 4 columns namely Pre-Rbm/bm approval, pre - sales head approval, pre- marketing head approval, pre finance treasury approval, these columns are suited as trigger in my workflow, the columns that i mentioned above can have the cell values like Approved,Declined,Submitted . So,whenever the cell values changes in the column that will be considered as a change and it is triggered, By triggering this , we are changing the cell value in the "Event Request Status" column like waiting for rbm approval.

so, when this change happens , the status has been updating in the event request status column, its working fine for sometimes, sometimes working not.(automation workflow disabled by system) its getting disabled automatically.

the triggers that i used above, also being used for some other workflow, but the condition are not same.

So, i need to find the root cause of this issue and need your help to fix this.

someone , please do that.