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Workflow and Automation Simulator


What problem are you trying to solve? 

I want to solve the waste of time it takes to test automations from several conditions and actions. Furthermore, the additional accounts that need to be created is cumbersome; just for checking if everything is working properly.

The solution would be as followed:

Show a macro view of what took place after running an automation.

(Maybe a Automation Test button) - When the button is pressed, the visual of what would happen next to the automation, gets displayed with a .gif or video to show step by step with your information you have from the Smartsheet Asset.

(Maybe their are some pre-made bots) - When in the simulation, you can setup the parameters of the test and you can add different bot types to the simulation. (Customer-Bot, Internal colleague-Bot, Sheet owner-Bot, Editor-Bot, etc.)

-This is without having to have multiple accounts to make sure what is being seen from the viewer is what you are intending for them to see.

-To make sure the the logic is behaving the way it is intended

-This keeps the user within the Smartsheet

-Reduces the troubleshooting process

Here to learn, willing to help!

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