When a workflow generates a notifaction to an email, is box size always the same?

A.J. ✭✭✭✭✭

Use case: An internal team at my company conducts research. Each morning, their most recent findings are sent via workflow to a prescribed set of internal colleagues. There are different topics (AKA Sheets) so some team members receive a few emails each morning. We have noticed that the notification messages are formatted slightly differently from sheet to sheet but cannot determine the cause. Anybody know about this sort of thing? Way-nuanced, I know.

Is this related to the width of a cell on the originating sheet? We are using Outlook desktop to open and sometimes there is side-to-side scroll needed, sometimes not. Images below of an email that requires side to side scrolling and one that doesn't.

@Candice Kwiatkowski, ever heard of this?