Limitations with the custom message sent to the same user - Maximum repetitions allowed is only 6nos


The screenshots here shows the two scenarios that a recipient receives when a workflow is triggered from the Smartsheets

Scenarios-1: The body message is not shown to the recipient if their name repeats more than 6 times/row items in the Smartsheet Grid.

Scenario-2: The body message is shown to the recipient if their name appears less than 6 times/row items in the Smartsheet Grid.

The issue persists even if the Account/Plan type are different, This behaviour is same in Business and also in the Enterprise Plan.

Please can any Smartsheet expert who can help us on this....This is a key aspect that we are looking to automate for huge datasets and this would be a great help from Smartsheet.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Imran Akhthar

    Yes, you've outlined exactly what happens when using Update Requests and Placeholders in the body message.

    Here's the note from the Help Article about this: Tips for working with placeholders

    Placeholders in Alert someone or Update Requests actions in change-based workflows generate separate notifications if six or fewer rows are triggered simultaneously. If seven or more rows are triggered at once, the system removes the custom subject and body.

    Placeholders are the dynamic values that you enter {{in these}}. If you remove out those dynamic references, your Update Request will show your custom body message, even if there are more than 6 rows! 🙂