Missing Data on Metric Widget During a Dashboard Global Update



I recently ran a global update on a dashboard in a child blueprint and found all existing projects now show a "missing data" in a metric widget. New provisioned projects do not have this issue. The metric is pulled from a sheet cell that is part of the project blueprint. The source sheet has not been renamed or replaced. The source sheet is done in a horizontal fashion, but the metric only references the cell. No changes have been made to the primary column since the project was created in control center. Any thoughts on the root cause so we can find the best solution?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Alicia B

    If the cell reference is still there (when you open up the widget to look at the source) but the data isn't pulling through to the Dashboard, that's definitely unexpected.

    At this point I would suggest capturing a screen recording of the issue (as in, showing the source sheets and the metric on the Dashboard, along with your Control Center set-up) then contact Support with this information so they can troubleshoot this with you in a private channel.

    Thank you!