Display Contact Name instead of full email

Steven Deem
Steven Deem ✭✭
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your time looking at this, I appreciate all the help and guidance I've received in this forum.

Ok, here's my situation. I have an intake form and one of the entries is for the submitters name. The Field Setting is set to a Contact. After submitting the form, their name they typed in would appear in the Contact field, not looking like an actual Contact. This happened with every persons entry and looked like this:

I had to go back in after they submitted the form and manually update the cell to be an actual Contact so then it would look like this:

I did some research and read a lot of posts in the help section here and tried out changing the field on the Form to have them type in their email address instead of their name with the hopes of Smartsheet finding them via their email address and then populating the cell with their contact like the picture above. Instead, what I get is now this:

So my question is, is there any way to have Smartsheet automatically fill in a cell like the second picture where it just the submitters name with their contact information already stored in it based on type of entry, helper column, workflow or anything?

It appears that Smartsheet references my company's very large directory as every person whether submitter, stakeholder or assignee pulls up in a contact cell, I just have to manually type in their first name (often their middle initial) and the displayed contact choices dwindle down until I see the person I'm looking for and select them.

Thank you in advance!

More information:

The second picture does contain all of my company information and does the same for anyone once I update the cell to their actual contact. It looks like this when it is hovered over:

Thank you