Update Request - Error "Please enter a valid email address."


I was trying to send an update request to an audience of non-users and it kept failing to send to one email address.

-My privacy settings were set to not restricted to smartsheet users.

-When my work flow failed, I tried manually sending an update request and I kept getting this error.

After reaching out to the help team, they said: Upon checking here on our end, Smartsheet does not allow + symbols in email addresses due to security protocols.

+ symbols in email addresses are used as "subaddressing," meaning department+role@email.org is equivalent to department@email.org. This means that emails sent to department+role@email.org will be redirected to department@email.org's mailbox.

In order to send the update request, you can opt to send the update request to department@email.org or you can request another email address from the user.

Hope this helps someone else!!