I'm back with my newest Docusign Integration question


Thanks for all the folks who have helped me with other issues its been invaluable.

I've noticed that the docusign integration with Smartsheet is particularly finicky. My current question is related to generating documents from Envelopes. When I attempt to attach a template from a Docusign Envelope that I have access to it doesn't show up as a template option I have. What is required for me to have access to the template in this Docusign Envelope (Docusign license and level of sharing in the Envelope and Smartsheet info). I also need to be able to use document tracking and document integration.

What level of difference is allowable in the Smartsheet Account ID and Docusign Account ID my email has a different @EID (everything the same) at docusign instead of @UNIV (everything else the same). Is this causing docusign integration issues.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @BillyBossier

    • To create a DocuSign mapping in Document Builder, you will need a DocuSign license and be at least an Admin on the Smartsheet sheet.
    • In DocuSign, you must be able to allow users to send envelopes and create templates.
    • Once the mapping is created, any Smartsheet user with Admin access to the sheet (regardless of DocuSign license) can access the previously created mapping, including editing the mapping or sending an envelope.

    Here's more information: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2482231-generate-and-send-documents-for-signature-with-docusign

    As long as you're logging in to DocuSign with the account that has access to the Envelope, you should be able to select it in your workflow. (Step 6 in the article above).

    Let me know if this helped!