Workapps Permissions and Collaboration


Hi Smartsheet community-

How do I add admins to my Workapp so they can collaborate with me and make changes to the App? I can see where I can transfer ownership, I want others to work on it with me, not transfer ownerships.


  • Lindsay Whitbread

    Hi Anna,

    This can't be done with WorkApps at the moment. A WorkApp can only have a single owner and only an owner can make those types of admin changes.

    Strange hey!

    However, there is a good workaround that might suit you. You just need to get create a shared account in Smartsheet and transfer the ownership to that new user. So, for example, you could create an account, and share that password amongst the people that need to co-admin the WorkApp.

    I know this isn't a great option, but that's the best option I'm aware of right now. I hope it helps!



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