Can I establish a form workflow that builds on each other for the same request?


Hi all,

I'm looking to establish a 3-part workflow that will have 3 forms that will build off the initial request. Here's my scenario/steps:

Step #1: User A submits an intake form.

Step #2: Once that intake form is submitted, it triggers an alert/workflow to Owner A (owner of this process) to complete another form that will be tied to that initial request from User A. This form/checklist will have 5-10 questions. In this form, there will be a column that will state "Proceed to Step 3".

Step #3: When the column "Proceed to Step 3" is checked, it triggers another form/checklist to Owner A with about 10 questions to complete. There will be a column labeled "Approved/Denied" in this form.

Step #4: If Approved is checked in the column "Approved/Denied" it will automatically send an email to User A that their request has been approved.

I am aware of how to create the forms. I'm stuck on how to establish the workflow to tie all the triggers to the same request so that the backend spreadsheet it is all tied together to the initial request. Is this possible? Is there another way to do this?


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