Simultaneous Update of Project and Review Sheets, for Non-Existent Projects, with one form


I am part of a Solution Architecture department that uses Smartsheet to track project reviews. Our workflow involves two Smartsheet sheets: a Master sheet for basic project information (project name, ID, contacts, status), and a Review sheet for detailed review data (review ID, review name, review type, project name, and assessment questions).

When a user submits a review request, they use a form linked to the Review sheet. The ‘Project Name’ column in this sheet is a dropdown list that auto-updates from the Master sheet using Data Shuttle. This ensures that each review is linked to an existing project.

However, we’ve encountered a situation where a user may need to submit a review for a project that doesn’t yet exist in the Master sheet. In such cases, we want the user to be able to populate the project information in the same form they’re using to submit the review. The expectation is that both the Master sheet (with the new project) and the Review sheet (with the new review) will be updated simultaneously.

Could you please provide guidance or potential solutions for this use case? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.