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Customizable Sheet View(s): save specific hierarchy layout

Pat Canning
Pat Canning ✭✭✭✭

It would be helpful if sheet users could create, store, and share customizable views within the sheets, similar to filters.

I'm NOT referring to views such as grid, Gantt, cards, etc. This is different.

For example, I have a Schedule template with 300+ rows. Current functionality allows me to Expand / Collapse All, but I often want different - some expanded & some collapsed, not by hierarchy level, but something I can change to make pertinent to 'what I care about today'.

Think about project phases, e.g. Exploring, Initiating, Planning, Procuring, Executing, Closing, and Monitoring & Controlling, a category of activities. In the beginning of a project I may want to customize a view where Initiating is fully expanded, Planning is partially expanded, and all other phases are collapsed.

View setup would be manual, not rules-based - adjust your sheet the way you want to view it and then 'push a button' to freeze, name, & store that as a view that you and other sheet users could return to. Once applied, the user would then be free to manually expand or collapse any of the levels and potentially freeze / create additional views.

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