Importing ms project file on a weekly basis into Smartsheet; impact on RM?


Client requests project plan in mpp format. Company needs to use RM module to track timesheets, resource allocation, forward looking availability based on sales pipeline. Heard uncomforting stories about importing mpp into Smartsheet. I doubt the below will work; would appreciate support from the community:

Based on mpp file, a project plan was created manually in Smartsheet. Next week, when updating the project plan in mpp (dozens of tasks per week) must I update the file in Smartsheet manually or can I just import it again to the same workspace? Wouldn't importing the mpp file next week "break" the link with resource management module?

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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Importing the new file into the workspace will create a new sheet which will not be linked to anything such as RM, dashboards, reports, etc..

    If you have some kind of WBS or unique identifiers on every row, you may be able to convert it into an excel or a csv type file and use Data Shuttle (if you have access) to update the appropriate columns.

  • Riad

    Much obliged Paul. You validated my initial concern. and assumption. I would rather update the mpp file, then update the Smartsheet plan manually in order not to loose the features of RM. Slight duplication of work but the value of RM use is maintained. Thanks again.