Request an update on specific fields based in a form with logic


Hello! I hope someone can help or provide any insight.

We have implemented a sheet to review tickets using a smartsheet form. The tickets are categorized in 2 (lets say "Category A" and "Category B"), so each category has different options to review and the form has a logic depending on the category are the options displaying.

At the end of the form, no mater the category, there is an option to send the case to be reviewed by a supervisor, so when the agent choses this option, an alert will be send to a supervisor to review the ticket. The problem comes when I try to set up the automation, because I dont want to send all the fields to the supervisor. Is there a way to implement this automatization to customize the fields I need the supervisor to update depending on the category A or B?


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Xochitl C.

    Have you tried adding a conditional path to your existing Automated workflow? This is inserting another Condition box beside the 'Otherwise' box in the workflow. One path could be for Category 'A' and the other for Category 'B'. The different paths could then pull different columns for the email.

    This example shows how the conditional paths would be positioned on your sheet - of course your criteria is different.

    Would this work for you?