Smartsheet Color Matrix Names and Hex Codes + Programmatic Conditional Formatting

Kyle Chipman
Kyle Chipman Overachievers
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Howdy Smartsheet Community :)

During a recent exercise to make Conditional Formatting programmatic, I indexed the color names and hex codes of the 8 x 5 Smartsheet color matrix. Wanted to share the results with everyone here, in case you have a need to extend these colors through non-Smartsheet collateral:

Some details on my specific use case:

While it takes back-end helper columns and comprehensive conditional formatting rules to be built, you can start to do some interesting things with programmatic conditional formatting. In the example below, brand colors are defined at the Client level, which then flow through into our Project Structure and Schedule. I then have a Summary Sheet dropdown that allows the PM to select between universal Chipman Design Architecture branding, Client-specific branding, or no conditional formatting at all, without having to manipulate rules in the Conditional Formatting panel.

Hope this inspires you to build something spectacular!