Follow-up email, IF no input is entered within timeframe


Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a Smartsheet solution to support a compliance declaration process. The process is straightforward:
Prior to every board meeting, a form is sent out to departments where they need to answer a YES/NO question confirming they are/aren't adhering to any applicable compliance regulations related to their work.

Currently this is done through MS forms and the process is very manual, adding a lot of rework hours. The Smartsheet solution aims to automated some of the steps and also generate reports from the inputs.

Right now, I have setup a form and used the automation to generate an automated email that includes a link to the form. Everything works well up until that part.

However, in order to increase accountability, I also would like to flag/trigger a second email if the form was not submitted on time (7 days after the first email) and I am struggling to setup a way to trigger my second email, without any feedback to indicate if the form was/was not submitted.

Any ideas?



  • tori.wyne

    Hi Paulo, unfortunately there is no automatic reminder feature, though I would also benefit from that. However, I would recommend having additional columns with dates X-amount of days after the first email was sent. Then, add automation to trigger on those dates. You can hide these columns as not to take away from the rest of your data. Let me know if you have any more questions, hope this helps!

  • Paulo Lunardi

    Hi Tori,

    Thanks for the answer, that gave me a great idea! I can actually use a second automation to log a timestamp, using the same trigger as the first one. That will give me the exact date when the first email was sent and comparing that with a support column containing dates of earlier submissions, I can set up a verification-check to determine if there are any new submissions.

    I made a quick visual to help me get to the right logic and will be implementing that to test it.