How to generate dates faster through automated workflows?


I have a sheet that sends automatic update requests once a new row is added. Once a new row is added through a form, the creation date is automatically generated to the current date and also a follow-up date is generated automatically at the creation of the new row.

However, the dates do not generate quickly enough and so when an update request is sent by email with all the information of the new row (including the creation date and follow-up date), those fields appear blank in the email. It takes a few minutes for the dates to appear in the sheet, but it's too late for the update request.


1) a form is completed which creates a new row

2) the sheet is updated (NOT the dates yet…)

3) The update request is sent with all the info in the new row but dates dont appear in it.

What can i do for the dates to generate faster so they appear in the update request email?