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Filtering gantt chart

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Hello everyone,

My goal is to filter a gantt chart so that clients only see a portion of my task list when I export a gantt chart for them.  Since I'm brand new to Smartsheet, I'm hoping to run my workflow by all of you to make sure I'm on the right track.

I first assemble my master list of project tasks and sub-tasks.  The first image I attached is an example of my master task list with sub-tasks.  I created a "primary task" column so I can filter out only the tasks that I want the client to see on my exported gantt chart, which is in the second image I attached.

Here's where I have some questions for all of you:

1)  Is this the correct method for creating a filtered gantt?

2)  How do I fix the line numbers on the filtered gantt?  Kind of odd to have missing line numbers since they're hidden by the filter.  Any way to create a "fake" line number column that only numbers the primary tasks sequentially, then just hide the actual line number column in the export?

3)  Having indented sub-tasks on the master task list is very helpful, but when I filter only the primary tasks, the indents look odd (see attached image #2).  It creates the illusion of sub-tasks, when the correct parent tasks are hidden by the filter.  Any way to fix that?  The only option I see is that when I want to export a gantt chart for the client, I have to duplicate my sheet and un-indent all primary tasks back to "level 1".  Seems time consuming.

Thanks for helping a newbie.






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    April ✭✭

    In my experience, if you want to be selective on tasks that appear on a gantt, it's easiest to create a report using your master list.  When you're in the report builder you can use the "What?" box to tell it to include only those items you have checked off in your 'primary task' column.  Then just select the columns you want to include on the report.  After that, just make sure you are in the gantt view and it should export nicely into PDF.  Hope that helps.

  • Also, regarding your 2nd question about line numbers. You can simply un-check the "Include Row Numbers" option on the Print Setup screen(see attached) and it will not show any line numbers on the PDF printed version. Hope this helps.

    Smartsheet show line numbers option.png

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