Help with "Simple Project Portfolio" template


I really want to use the Simple Project Portfolio template but I can't seem to get everything in the "Save as New" folder to do so while keeping all its connections. Maybe I have missed a "how to use" section with this template or just not seeing something obvious any help is greatly appreciated.

NOT REQUIRED: I learn best via pictures or videos if you are providing help pictures or screen recording would help a lot but help without pictures is better than no help 😊



  • dojones
    dojones ✭✭✭✭

    When Saving As New, make sure Newly Created Sheets is selected. This will keep all connections to the new sheets created.

  • Tim R.
    Tim R. ✭✭

    @dojones Perfect you helped me find where I was going wrong. I was in the view that you see in my screenshot and it would not allow me to "save as new" the entire folder only each sheet and I think this is where things were breaking down. Thank you,