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Tiffany Fuller
Tiffany Fuller ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

For our use, it would be of great assistance if when you are within a workspace, which is housing, say 50 sheets, you could check all and using the actions button duplicate all sheets. I could then move those sheets to a different folder while keeping the data needed and deleting what isn't. We tried templates but our sheets change so frequently it wasn't feasible to keep up with templates. If anyone has a solution, I am all ears! 


  • Hi Tiffany,

    When the ability to save an entire folder or an entire workspace's sheets/reports/dashboard as 'new' became a Smartsheet feature, I transitioned from true templates to just having a templates workspace but the objects stayed in their respective form (a sheet v. report v. dashboard).

    Any user, including viewers, can then right click on the 'templates' workspace and save the entire workspace as new to create a new project.  This does a great job of keeping the interconnectivity between the template reports and dashboards to the sheets as well.

    * The above logic works for folders as well as long as all of the objects are underneath the one folder you want to 'save as new'.

    Hope this helps!

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