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Linking from a sheet that's reached the 5000 row limit

Craig Cressey
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hello Folks,

I’m relatively new to smartsheets (3 months) but I’m diving right in creating sheets for a medium size construction firm.

My recent project is a daily time reporting sheet for approximately 100 field employees.

My sheet is up and running and is being rolled out to a limited number of supervisors during the “shake out” period.

The structure/data input is as follows:

  1. Each employee is responsible to enter his or her time daily via a web form.
  2. Each employee enters, their name, date, job name, 2 different activity’s (area worked & activity preformed) and hours. If they performed more than 1 activity in more than 1 area in each day, they need to submit the web form multiple times. e.g. 4 hours on 1st floor / activity A and 4 hours on 2nd floor / activity B.
  3. The foreman for each job site will receive an approval request each day to approval subordinates time entry.
  4. The time sheet is exported to excel once a week and sorted / subtotal and sent to the payroll department.  

The time sheet performs several different functions.

  1. On the left side of the sheet I have a lookup table that is queried by several columns that have lookup formulas. The lookup table/s are normally hidden
  2. On the right side of the time sheet is a large area that supports sumifs formulas for totaling hours based on “job name”, “area worked” and “activity preformed”.
  3. All sumifs hours are linked to cells in another sheet that tracks budget hours vs actual hours (time sheet hours).
  4. The large sumifs area is normally hidden.

So, to my question:

  1. When I reach the 5000-row limit on my time sheet, which will likely happen every 2 weeks, how do I maintain my web forms, lookup tables section and sumifs section while having a seamless transition. If I delete rows, to make room for more rows, I’ll lose my sumifs linked totals in the budget hours vs. actual hours sheet.

If I do a “save as new” for the time sheet, rename the original to “archive [date range]” and continue using the save as new” sheet I’ll lose my web forms and sumifs links to the budget hours vs. actual hours sheet.

I know increasing the row limit and sumifs between sheets is in the works.

Until then, do I have any options? I’ve attached a screen shot of the time sheet and budget vs actual sheet.

Hope this makes sense.  Thanks

Time Sheet.PNG

Labor Tracking.PNG


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