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Formula's for [Start Date] column when dependencies are enabled

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I am currently trying out Smartsheet in order to decide if we will be able to use this at our company or not.


I'm using the construction timeline with gant chart template.

I would like to add project management fee payment dates as milestones.


Payment #1 linked to start of the project -> OK, no problem

Payment #3 linked to end of the project -> OK, no problem


Payment #2:


I'd like to use the formula Start date of payment 1] + ([Start date of payment 3] - [Start date of payement 1]) / 2


It looks like it is not possible however to use a formula in the [Start Date] column if dependencies are enabled for the sheet. If dependencies are disabled I can use a formula, but then the milestone feature is not available.


Apart from calculating the date manually and update everytime the project start / end date changes, is there another way to do this?


  • BobbyLite

    @WCH you are correct in that you cannot add formulas to Date columns associated with dependencies. You could add an additional Date column to your sheet where you add this formula, then copy and paste the result over to your Start Date column.

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