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Alex Moyle
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Is it possible to create a smart form as a template that you then move between sheets.   I have a sheet for each client but want to use the same forms for each one with out having to recreate every time. 


Thank You in advance





  • Travis
    Travis Employee


    Hi Alex! Web forms are specific for each sheet and each form field is tied to a column located in the sheet. There currently is not a way to copy web forms between sheets. If you have multiple sheets that have a similar structure, you could create a custom template (with a web form) and create sheets from that template. This won’t affect your current sheets but it will be effective for sheets you create in the future. 

  • esma107211
    edited 10/10/19

    Not sure if I am answering the question or not, but if you create a sheet and a form within the sheet, save it as a template and reuse the template, all the form drop-downs carry over when you create a form on the new sheet.

    This is much easier than Asana, which my new company is using :-( 

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