Enhancement Request: Default, Locked, Export Filters

J. Craig Williams
J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Thank you very much for the New Row Filters released yesterday.

This will free up several Zaps (www.zapier.com) that I sometimes use. 

Here's what I want next:


As either Admin*, be able to lock a filter. One and only one filter can be locked at time. The filter is automatically shared. Non-Admin users can not unlock the filter.

Data filtered out can not be exported or viewed by non-Admin users in any way (and there are currently many ways a users can see the data). This includes hidden columns.

This would provide a way to provide access to sheets but hide more of the data that is currently exposed. This is more of security issue than a convenience issue.

The Locked Filter is also the ...


As either Admin*, be able to set a filter as the default view. One and only one filter can be the default at time. The filter may or may not be automatically shared. (I'm on the fence about that)

When the Sheet is first opened, the default filter is used. 

For Shared Filters, the issue is whether and how much the Admin* can control the end-user experience. Setting a default filter for the Sheet (as opposed to my view of the Sheet) will help the Admin* standard the end-user's use of the sheet.

I know for my experience, I can set the filter and close the sheet and that is what I will see when I open it back up. But I'm lazy and it isn't only my sheet usage I need to the think about.

Lastly, I would like to be able to


I have lots of filters. Lots. Dozens sometimes depending on the Sheet's content. I would like to be able to Export the filter (name, criteria, is it shared, etc...). I need some easy way to document for my users the filters that are pre-made for them.

A minor note on what I mean by Export. I don't want the Export to csv. I want to Export to a Smartsheet Sheet. I may have written about that elsewhere. If not, I will, someday.

Even more lastly, 


Again, thanks for improvements. 


*Admin. When I say Admin, I also mean these are Owner privileges on the Sheet and not the usual Admin. This goes against my usual "too many choices to check for whether I can do or not do something", but in this case, it might make sense. I can make arguments for either Owner or Admin. The longer it takes to write this, the less convinced I am that Owner is the way to go.

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