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Recurring Reminders

Is there any way to set recurring monthly reminders for each row for content which doesn't get updated? I am doing up a rental collection sheet, and need to set reminder for the person in charge on a monthly basis.


Thank you.


  • Derik Poh
    edited 08/05/15

    Found a workaround to set recurring update request as reminders. Laughing

  • Nice... Anad what is the workaround?

  • @Martin - update requests can be set to send on a recurring basis. Use recurring update requests as a way to remind yourself of tasks/rows items. 

  • Martin Sereday
    edited 08/24/15

    Thank you for the respond. I understand this and had tried it too. I just wanted to have the notes/reminders/alerts visible in the time line. It seems to me to be more secure. IMHO, it would be more comfortable to see the whole time line in progress and add my notes only clicking on a particular date in a particular task time line. Anyway, the app is amazing.


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