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roll back to an earlier version

Debbie Santos
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I seem to have lost information that was stored in the paperclip section and attachments.  Can I roll back to an earlier version when I know the data was there?  Can I restore an earlier version of Smartsheet?



  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    In short no.

    see the link to backing up your data:



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Debbie! The Support team ([email protected]) could look into sending the sheet owner a checkpoint of the sheet if you are looking for grid data but they do not have a way to restore deleted attachments.  As JamesR suggested, backing up your data is a great step to take to prevent this sort of thing in the future, as backups you make can include attachments. 

  • Sagar
    edited 08/11/15

    I vote for an enhancement request to have versioning ability on Smartsheet. The scenarios where the sheets are shared with multiple users as editors, versioning is a must have to restore in case of any issues with the data.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Sugar - I will add your vote for versioning! In the meantime, I would recommend backing up your data in case of accidental deletions. Backups can be scheduled to automatically occur once a week if you are on a Team or Enterprise account and all users can manually request a backup once every 24 hours. 


  • Chris Winfield
    Chris Winfield ✭✭✭✭✭

    Additional vote for versionning - the current backup functionality is a bit of a bodge job, as it doesn't include links between sheets for instance. Re-instating those would take weeks for us.

  • Rich
    edited 08/25/15

    Additional vote for versionning!


    I'm a little shocked that versionning is not already a feature.  Especially since SmartSheet is using vesionning as a selling feature!




    Built-In Versioning

    Admins no longer have to worry about maintaining backups. With built-in versioning, Smartsheet maintains a real-time history of all the changes made to sheets and attachments.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Chris and Rich, I have added your votes!


    Rich, the "Built-In Versioning" wording is a little confusing... we do support attachment versioning but not sheet versioning (yet). I will reach out to the website team and see if they can change the wording on that page. Thanks for pointing it out! 

  • Frank Bravata
    edited 01/03/16

    New user here.


    LOVE this product.


    For us, versioning is a must-have.


    Can you add my vote? Thanks!

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Frank - I will add your vote for sheet versioning! 

  • One week of work gone, just by pasting some data in a sheet. As I switched between TABs the undo function wasn't available. Result is a useless sheet.


    I never ever wouldn't think about a missing feature like this, as it is absolutly madatory when working with multiple persons on on sheet. 


    Avoiding daily back ups is one of the reasons my company switched to google.



  • Chander Gupta
    edited 02/16/17

    There is no point in using Smartsheet with the 'Roll Back' feature !!

  • Chander Gupta
    edited 02/20/17

    Its surprizing, as well as frustrating, to know that 'Roll Back Version' is not an active feature of Smartsheet. 

    There is no point in using 'Smartsheet' without this feature !

  • I agree.  It is so easy to overwrite data within a smartsheet.  I'm a victim, I was cutting and pasting and the pasting and I accidentally selected the wrong row and a large chunk of my data was overwritten, and before I could fully notice the damage and do an undo, the auto save feature hit and I permanently lost my data.  I could not roll back, there was no backup because that workspace was just created and hadn't had a back up of it yet.  The activity log is "nice", but the ability to roll back would be "ideal".

  • I have an enhancement request to add to your comment.  I want the ability to request a backup on the root level of workspace or sheets.  Right now I have to select each one and request a backup which is painful because our workspaces are broken down by departments.  The functionality doesn't even present itself at the top level "Workspace".  It does at the top "Sheets" folder, and the individual folders under the workspace, but not at the root level.

  • I would disagree that there is no point in using Smartsheet with the Roll back feature.  Many times as your developing a template or managing an active sheet it's easy to make a change that you would want to reverse back for any reason. 

    I think one thing that would help is to allow the sheet administrator to be able to toggle on/off the auto save capability.   Many times when developing a sheet as a PM, you want the resources on the project to be able to review and recommend changes, or make the changes themselves before the project sheet becomes an "active" project.

    Another is that I see you have introduced the Activity log which is nice to keep track of the changes "saved" in the smartsheet, but perhaps right before the save function actually happens that the smartsheet image is snapped at the time it is opened and the URL link put in the activity Log, and then record the save when initiated after the changes..  Sort of a before and after view of the smartsheet so when a user goes in and reviews a change and it's not acceptable to the manager, resource or whatever they are able to revert to the previous sheet by clicking on the URL and resaving to overwrite the changes.

    Some thoughts and ideas


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