Best "infrastructure" columns for portfolio reporting

david voight
david voight ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am wondering if someone has some advice on the best infrastructure columns to add to project sheets to enable formatting, portfolio rollups, metrics, etc.  

I current have automated checkbox hidden columns for parent, child, ancestors, milestones, status (based on due date).

What other hidden columns do people include in their project level sheets to enable reporting and master portfolio roll up sheets?


Thank you



  • Hi David,

    It depends on what you're wanting to specifically gather in your reports, but it sounds like you have most of your bases covered.

    My only recommendation is to automate your hidden columns with formulas. You can create formulas that automatically check parent/children based on certain conditions. Check out the IF function here:

  • Thanks Shaine...I already have all of the columns auto calculating for grandparent, parent, child, PofC and PandC.  I also have an auto calc for milestones.  

    I am trying to think of any other metadata that might be beneficial in a use case where you have 100 projects and are rolling up to a portfolio view.  Just trying to think of all possibilities before replicating the sheets numerous times.

    Thank you for any other ideas you have.