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Looking for some help in a Form that I'm creating. I am the Safety Director for a painting contractor and I'm trying to create a form that my crew forman will be filling out every morning. Why can't I have more than 1 field named the same? I'd like a check-box or drop-down field, for every employee, that specifies if they had the required Personal Protective Equipment for that day. I'd want to see it called "Required PPE" and either have a check box or drop down with "Yes" or "No" option. Also, is there a way to delete field's from the list that I don't want to use in the form? 


  • Best bet would be to simplify the form and your sheet.  Perhaps use the following fields:

    • Date
    • Foreman Name
    • Job #/Site name
    • Employee name
    • Required PPE

    The form would have all fields on it.  You change the form settings to reload when the foreman submits the form.  He would key in one form per employee.

    This serves multiple purposes - first, it simplifies the form.  second, you can make sure to enter this info per job and employee.  last - it allows you to collect the info in a sheet and then aggregate the results into a summary sheet/dashboard.

    Hope this helps.  Good luck!