edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

My company currently uses Device Magic Forms to do daily reports for people to communicate from the field to the office. We then have to take what's on those forms & re-input that information into Smartsheet to track our projects. 

This is a time suck on our company, so we are trying to directly have all of this on Smartsheet in the first place, instead of having to move information from one sheet to another manually.

I am attempting to create a form in Smartsheet that can be filled out so people in the field can:

  1. Select multiple tasks
  2. Select the description of the task that only is selected based on the task (if a, then b, but not c, even if c is still in the drop down choices)
  3. Select descriptions of tasks
  4. Select 1, 2, or more employees’ names (a drop down selection that you can select many items/people's names from)
  5. Add multiple photos that match each task, description of task, and task type
  6. Have multiple dates in multiple columns
  7. So much more.

Any tips for getting started?