Will renaming a sheet change it's secure sheet link?

Brian V
Brian V ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

So I have a sheet shared with a community of engineers. I will call it Sheet A. It is also viewed by others. Recently we have brought in another team of engineers to assist with a project and I created a duplicate sheet which I will call Sheet B.

Sheet B was to be identical in nature to Sheet A The new Sheet B has dates changes as well as the new engineers being added to it as well along with a column that has a pull down depicting in-house engineers and contracted engineers.

I need to merge Sheet A and Sheet B.

However Sheet B is exactly what I want now and can avoid the merge if I am able to also take the name of Sheet A and renaming Sheet B. So I want Sheet B to be called Sheet A and archive the original Sheet A.

Confused yet?

Is there a way to also take along the "Secure Sheet Link" with it? Can I take all shared users from SHeet A and move them to Sheet B sort of like a re-direct?

Something tells me I need to use Sheet A as the shell and import Sheet B into it and archive the data from Sheet A.