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Displaying multiple column values in Calendar view

I am storing data related to issues in the smartsheets.  How can I show the issue number and priority in the calendar view?


  • Hi Arvind,


    The calendar view drives off of the primary column.   However, you could use a formula to combine values from other columns...  For example:  ="My issue #" + [Issue Number]1 + ", Priority: " + [Priority]1




  • Arvind Solanki
    edited 05/01/15

    Thanks Ted.  That worked.  


    Unfortunately the calendar allows only so many characters, so it doesn't show up on the display which I can print out and present to leadership.

  • I have the same issue, I find this issue with most(all) calendars.  It would be great if there was a possibility to have multiple lines per calendar entry.  

  • Yes has this been resolved yet? I need my calendar to show more than one column

  • Late to the question, but any new updates with the latest version of Smarsheet

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