Outlook Integration - Link Email Address To SmartSheet Contact

Tanner Polzin
Tanner Polzin ✭✭✭
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I'm using the Outlook integration for SmartSheet to update my task list I manage in SmartSheet. In my task list I have an "Assigned To" column, with a column type of "Contact List." While in Outlook, I can update the "Assigned To" field. If I type in the person's email address correctly, SmartSheet will notice the email, and apply the correct contact inside SmartSheet. This is great.

However, I run into problems when I try to update an existing row. If I currently have a row assigned to Joe Bob ([email protected]) and change it to [email protected], then SmartSheet updates the email address for Joe Bob instead of switching to Sally Myer. So SmartSheet shows Joe Bob ([email protected]), which is obviously wrong.

SmartSheet shouldn't update Joe Bob's email, it should go find my Sally Myer contact in SmartSheet and link it correctly.

Is there currently any workaround for this? Are there any series of names and punctuation I can put into the Outlook integration that would force SmartSheet to link to the correct contact?



  • IanN
    IanN Employee

    Hello Tanner, 

    My apologies for the delayed response here. In looking at this, I was able to reproduce the issue that you're seeing (thanks for all the detail!). It certainly seems like unexpected behavior and I'm going to notify our Product Team. 

    I'm going to follow up with you via email so that I can get this tracked correct and provide further information. 

    Thanks for your vigilance!


    Smartsheet Support