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Drop down menu in forms don't show the Symbols

Joel Johnson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

How do you get the drop down menu in web forms to show the symbols instead of text?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Joel, there isnt a way to display symbols in web forms at this time but we are tracking feedback for this request and I will add your vote for it! 

  • Gary @ Gap

    This is also something I would use.  Please add ASAP Cool

  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni

    I'm quite frustrated by this, since I spent time setting up a post-meeting survey with symbols to make it easier for those entering information (it is more clear that "one star" is the bottom choice and 5 stars is the top choice versus 1-5). Please add this functionality!

  • JorgeDP
    JorgeDP ✭✭

    Hello Travis! Any update on this? Would this functionality happen soon?

    Forms are a great and one of the key Smartsheet features, but unfortunately sometimes what you can do is limited (be able to display information from other sheets and the use sliders will be great) and the formatting is restricted (for example, you cannot define the length of the text boxes, change the font color and restrict some boxes to only numbers).


  • codyhaight

    This is a huge gap!  If showing the symbol is not possible, could we add the ability to edit the labels for the symbols? 

  • Mark T-2

    Yes I also agree with the group.  Verify surprised this hasn't been put in yet (requested 3-4 years ago?).

    The whole idea of a Web form is for gathering data from your user's in an easy (and intuitive) manner.  Symbol ranges, sliders, etc. are very good tools for weighting answers to questions that are sometimes not "cut n dry" on their answer

    We had 5-6 Web forms that we had to go back and change differently to get around this glitch.

    As a rule of thumb, anything client facing (like Web Forms) should always be TOP priority.  Even it it seems trivial. 

    Could you please provide (all of us) an updated on this and which release we might expect it to show up in?

    Thank so much!yes



  • eturner90156
    edited 06/03/19

    I would also like to show symbols on forms. I am sad this feature is not yet available.

  • Julieth Garcia

    Add my vote too please, no point on having symbols that we can only see on the back end. Thank you!!

  • Kirk Preston

    Add me to the list on wanting this feature. It doesn't really make sense that the drop downs and radio selections show the text and not the symbol on the web forms.

  • pistoncraft

    You have a split second for a customer to decide if they want to take your survey or send it to the trash. Actually that assumes they even open your email. There seems to be a universal and fundamental misunderstanding of what surveys represent to the customer. They are junkmail.  

    Speaking from my own extensive junkmail/survey experience, any effort required by me leads to the trash. www.smileback.com gets it (I have no affiliation). They understand in general you are annoyed to get a junkmail/survey, and you sure as hell are not going to spend time on it.

    According to this thread, Smartsheet has been sitting on this for over four years. Yikes! I don't develop software, so maybe it is hard? Perhaps the vision for the software is to be an internal tool and not customer facing? Maybe Smartsheet has other things to do? IDK, not my company, but I can say I have never received a Smartsheet survey. I have received several Smileback surveys and if they are lucky enough for me to open the email, I will take 5 seconds and click a smiley face ... maybe.  

    Has anyone tried a large scale survey distribution with Smartsheet? What kind of response did you get? I am guessing not very good. 


  • ashi
    ashi ✭✭

    c'mon. let's get this feature into forms! and the update request forms!

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