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Outline level field

Jan Téblick
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I'm an (expert) Excel user, using Smartsheet now in our organisation for basic tracking functionalities.

It's a daily 'struggle' to understand the limitations of Smartsheet and try to keep the sheet basic and simple, but I'm quite enthousiastic about Smartsheet.


On the other hand, I really miss some (in my point of view) basic functionalities. Besides the lack of any excel-lookup-like functions (cfr vlookup(), match(), offset(), ...) , I really miss an "outline level" field/function.


The outline idea is really great and works like a charm, but if you use multiple outline levels, the overview is really gone. It would be absolutely nice if we could change the color of a row (by using the conditional format), depending on the level of indent/outline. But as far I understand, there is no way to get the level of indention. 


(I'm also playing with the live connector and without this field, I can't to anything with the connector).

Really strange that there is no function for this.



  • I built a formula which will when added to a checkbox field will check the box on parent rows. I then set a conditional formatting rule format the row when the box is checked. With this, all parent rows are automatically formatted. It cannot differentiate which level of parent it is but it will at least format all parent rows. 


    Here is is:


    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]21)) > 0, 1)


    [Task Name]21 is referencing the parent row primary column. 

  • Hi 


    I'd be interested in this too, to be able to perhaps indicate with a number what 'level' something is, to at least 3 levels...

  • Michael Gertz
    edited 07/31/16

    A function LEVEL would be helpful and would reduce necessary work-arounds!

    Also a support of levels within conditional formating would be nice.

    And it should not be too complecated!? Cool

  • Hi Michael-- I've added your votes for these features to our enhancement request list!

  • It would be nice to have a "Level" function or system column that is always available.  I add one to everysheet which is basally =count(ancestors([Task Name]))


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