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Workhours per Resource

Franix Blue
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hi! Is there a way to set workhours for a particular resource (say the resource can only work on projects for 4 hours a day)?





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hello! Not for a specific resource, but you can set working hours for an entire sheet by right clicking on a column header and select Edit Project Settings > Dependency Settings > Working Days > Edit > Length of Day.


    Individual working hours/days is something we are looking to implement in the future and I will add your vote for it!

  • Ok please add my vote for it!


    In the meantime, I will just create a Non-Project Tasks for Resource Management worksheet.



  • I also need this feature!  My employees have routine work and only can contribute a set number of hours of their day to project work.  I need to be able to define the number of hours per day an employee can work and have RM track if they are on target to exceed the alloted time amount. Is there an progress on this feature? Frown

  • Tom, the RM tool can track resource time but its just displayed as a percent. For example if they are spending half their time on a task, assign them the task and set allocation to 50%. If the day is 8 hours long, then they are working 4 hours/day on the task.


  • Dave -

    Thanks for the feedback unfortunatly I have employees who are on multiple project sheets and have X hours per day asigned to project work across all areas.  We need to track when an individual participating in many projects with a time ceiling of X hours per day is overscheduled on a specific. I need more of a time budget feature,


  • I, too, need this feature. I would think this would be an absolute must. If you cannot set the specific available working hours for a resource, then how could you possibly properly project, forecast, and assess the cost of the project, and efficiency of the resource? 


    Is this currently being worked on, and do you have a timeline for its release?

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