Question about embedded webform and filtered sheet in confluence

Max_D. ✭✭
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Dear all,

I did some research about the following topic but somehow got stucked and every helping hand is appreciated.

What is the current status:

Currently we are using smartsheet (lets call it "project_overview") to keep track on all our projects. After a few years this list is quite big (around 700 rows) so we are trying to provide our colleagues with a better overview.

We are currently using the "TEAM"-pricing model.

On the other hand we are using massively confluence/jira so our colleagues always have to switch between smartsheet and confluence

What the plan is (see also image attached):

1. We have introduced a web form (in smartsheet) to provide the possibility to submit a project in a very easy way. This form will be embedded in Confluence (via iFrame).

2. The "project_overview" will stay as it is and be something like a database that will contain all new and old projects. The projects submitted by the form will be integrated here.

3. (This is where my problem starts)

Now I want to embed a filtered version of "project_overview" in Confluence (via iFrame) to provide the possibility to see all projects at one glance. Filtered means that I want to show all projects with the status "open", "in progress" and hide all projects with status "done" or "obsolete". 

My audience would be smartsheet-users and not smartsheet-users.

To avoid media disruption this filtered embedded sheet should be editable (in Confluence as well as in smartsheet itself) to keep our colleagues the possibility to change status and to see always the newest projects (submitted by the webform).

My question:

Is there any workaround to build an architecture like this. I tried with a report but unfortunately an embedded report is not editable.

Is there any possibility to create an architecture like that or am I hunting for an allrounder? Thanks in advance for any help.





  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Max,

    A report will display a filtered view of the sheet that you can embed in confluence via iframe, but as you've found, isn't directly editable. You might consider also providing the link to the form, so people can click the link and be taken to the report in Smartsheet for editing. You can obtain the report link by right-clicking the name of the report (in Smartsheet) and selecting properties.

    NOTE: People would still have to be shared to the report from Smartsheet with this method.

    Otherwise, you'll need to publish the full sheet for people to be able to edit it in the iframe. If the report publish/report link method won't work and publishing the full sheet is the way to go, you might consider splitting your sheet up such that only the open and in progress projects are visible.

    You can have another copy of your sheet (right-click the sheet name and select Save as New) as an "archival" sheet with done and obsolete projects living there. You'll then want to get into the practice of moving rows to another sheet. More on moving rows is available in the help center:

  • Max_D.
    Max_D. ✭✭

    Dear Shaine,

    thanks for your detailed answer. After reading it, I think that splitting up the sheet is the best way for us. On the one hand no information are lost, but on the other this will keep the sheet short and nice.

    I definately will give it a try. Thanks again and best regards,