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Gnatt Chart - Assigning tasks


How do I to show only initials on Gnatt chart? Not the full name.


  • SoniaR

    Hi Charles - The Gantt labels are pulled from content in a column. You can see which column is being used by right-clicking the column title and then clicking Edit Project Settings > Timeline Display > Display label for (must be an Admin or Owner on the sheet to see this). If you'd like to only show initials, you'll want to add the initials to either the column that's currently being used or create a new column and insert the initials in the new column. If you create a new column, adjust the project settings so that it uses the new column. 



  • JenniferM


    I have created a few very simple sheets (heavy on conditional formatting) but with only a few rows. I shared the sheet with a few colleagues with access to edit and share and they are experiencing a very large lag in scrolling horizontally or even trying to populate a cell. My speed on the same sheet is good and do not have the same experience. What could cause this so we can troubleshoot? It seems to happen to some users and not others. Thanks!


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