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Anthony Lunn
Anthony Lunn ✭✭
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Hello I am trying to solve an issue with a system I have set up for Automated Alerts & Actions. See screenshots below. As you can see by screenshot 3, I have created a trigger column based on date surpassed; once that date is surpassed the cell will change from N to Y. The idea ultimately is when it changes to Y it triggers an automatic Update Request to the listed "Sales Rep" email as you can see by Screenshot 1. This functionality seems to work, however here is the issue... It sends an emailed Update Request to all the reps listed about all the Rows, so they get inundated with projects that they have no clue of. You can see this creates noise. I just want the Rows assigned to the Rep to go to the Rep. Any Ideas?






  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
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    The logic of your rule is such that an update request will go to the INTERNAL Rep Contact when any change is made on a row that has "Y" in your other column. This will likely cause them to get a lot of update requests.

    Try creating a different update request rule that is triggered when there are changes to specific columns. (Example screenshot attached.)

    Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.28.08 AM.png

  • Anthony Lunn

    Hey Shaine,

    I think this is actually how mine is formulated. When the Internal Trigger column changes to Y, it actually sends update request to contact in column, but not specifically to row. I think what may be happening is when the status changes to Y on a particular row it seems to update all contacts that are listed in a column, which is obviously not what I want. Any ideas, or am I missing something? 

  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Anthony,

    From looking at the screenshot of the rule you posted, it will send an update request to the contact in that column any time the row is updated, as long as the row also contains the "Y" value.

    Since you've chosen "contact in column," the update request will only be sent to email address that you've specified in that row's INTERNAL Rep column.

    The issue is that you've told the rule to trigger when the row is updated. Any changes made to any rows that have a "Y" value will cause an update request to be sent. 

    I think this has less to do with how your sheet is formatted and more to do with the way you've set your rule up.

    Did you try a rule similar to the one I provided in the screenshot of my previous reply? How did that work?

  • Anthony Lunn

    Hey Shaine, sorry for late response...

    See screenshot. This is actually what I have had in place all along. I think this matches yours?


  • Anthony Lunn

    Just had a moment I think. See screenshot. I did not realize these different option until now. Man... I think you are onto something. Sorry, I am fairly new to Smartsheet. 


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