Use a form to lookup sheet data that and add content to it

JTrumble ✭✭
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I have read the forms with the “VLOOKUP” and “LOOKUP” functions.  I am new to smart sheet, but not to excel formulas. 

I have an associate inspecting carts for wear and tear items, this is working well with check boxes and the photo attachment is awesome to have.

Next step is the associate that repairs the cart, I have a report for them to look up the cart number to see what is wrong.  They can click on the cart number and add a comment to the sheet, I want to use a form for this though.

I would like to have a form, enter the cart number to the sheet data of the inspection associates results,  see what needs repair from the inspection associate.  Then after the repair, enter the status of the repair and what was fixed.


Is this remotely possible ??


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