Auto-populating a sheet with filtered data from another


I'm hoping someone can suggest a solution.  

I am trying to reduce the amount of time spent re-entering data about upcoming bids from one spreadsheet to another.  My company has a master list of bids over the fiscal year and every week my boss produces a separate sheet of just the upcoming bids that he can then use formatting on (higher ups don't want the formatting on the master list).  It takes time and things can be missed.  

Is it possible to code a destination sheet such that it will auto-populate all rows with bid dates in the future off of the source "master" sheet? 

Reports seemed an easy answer, but you cannot format a Report independent of its Sheet.  

I've tried using =IF({Master Job List Bid Date} > TODAY(), {Master Job List Name}, "") and get Invalid Operation.  I've tried cell linking the primary column & using VLOOKUP to populate the other columns, but that doesn't seem to capture new bids being populated at the top of the sheet.  

Is what I'm attempting possible?  


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