Manpower Tracking with Projects

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I am trying to set up a way to track manpower 50+ people plus projects that are ongoing.  

2 separate sheets are fine - 1 project summary and 1 manpower.

How can i set it up, that i can see who is available, when workers will be on vacation and it will notify is someone is booked for one project so i can't double book them.


Newer to smart sheet, limited on the Resource and Dashboard capabilities.


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Kelcon

    This link to help pages in Smartsheet which will guide you on the process.

    What you can do is enable Resource planning on the sheets where that matters and then in the Resource viewer area you can see a roll up of a combo of holidays and projects. This is really powerful for planning. 

    You can also organise your Viewing of Resources in Teams or Geographic areas. 

    We can share a "Setting up Resource planning To Do List Smartsheet" with you, which will give you a Blow by Blow set of actions. If you would like that, email me and I will share?

    We are a consultancy org ,so if your company can find some budget for us to work with you on this we can get you up and running nice and quickly if not this forum is excellent. 

    For example our packages start @ $2000 USD for which you get one to one mentoring with one of our top Gurus for 12 hours plus a workflow set of suitable sheets you can modify to suit your needs and implement quickly. We have these for pretty much every usage type and a Free 1 hour demo consultation if needed. 

    Hope that helps. 







  • Thanks Richard,  I will work with the Resource sheet and get more skilled with that.  Thanks for the offer on the training.